The lottery's fine

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In response to Pennsylvania Revenue Secretary Daniel P. Meuser's op-ed on privatizing the Pennsylvania Lottery ("Lottery Proposal Shouldn't Surprise Anyone," Jan. 17), I'd say he's right on but, also I'd say to those people who were elected to do the best for all the people in the commonwealth, especially those who support a takeover of the state lottery business; it is a state-owned "business" that employs more people than I believe any private concern would employ, once they get the business on their books and in operation under their management.

You'd think that if the lottery isn't doing well but, all the state bosses would have to do would be to search their "binders" for women or men who are better qualified to run the lottery, rather than taking an easy route, going to a company outside our state and country and betting it will do a better job of running the lottery.

Nah! I do not think that our lottery is run in a terrible manner now by those in charge and those who work at the people level.




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