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On Jan. 16, in the comics section, you printed a Non Sequitur cartoon drawn by Wiley Miller.

Mr. Miller, as an apparent liberal, has the right to express his opinions. I, as a conservative and constitutionalist, also have the exact same right. I have an opinion concerning the above-mentioned cartoon. I found this cartoon, bashing American gun owners, insulting to say the least. If the intent was simply to be humorous by making fun of American gun owners, it was a miserable failure.

His liberal college professors have undoubtedly told Mr. Miller that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are archaic and outdated documents. This couldn't be further from the truth. Those who penned these documents went to great lengths to make the language in them as timeless as possible, thus making them as relevant today as when they were when first written. Perhaps Mr. Miller should read them with an open mind and see for himself. He may learn something.

These documents give him, and all liberals, the right to say and do as they please. These very same documents give me the exact same rights, as well as the right to "keep and bear arms" in defense of myself, my family and most importantly, my country. Remember, when someone uses their rights to insult someone else's beliefs, it's the Bill of Rights that gives them this ability, not the Bill of Privileges.

I have now wasted more than a sufficient amount of my valuable time. Undoubtedly, Mr. Miller, and others like him, will continue to go through life with this same level of ignorance and arrogance.




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