Children as pawns

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Once again President Barack Obama has shamelessly used children as props to advance one of his political agendas. He placed children behind him as he spouted off his endless list of "feel good" new gun regulations that will not do anything to curb gun violence. He has said numerous times in the past that children should be off-limits in any political discussion yet he uses them at every opportunity when it is to his advantage.

He talked about how we are obligated to protect our children while at the same time he relentlessly promotes his extreme pro-abortion policies that result in the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children every year. Mr. President, it's nice that you are concerned about the safety of our children, but how can you be so selective and arbitrary about what children you want to protect? It is extreme hypocrisy to not be concerned about the safety of all children.

North Huntingdon




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