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London's Guardian newspaper recently reported that, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other signs of climate change, the Obama Administration is "seriously considering" holding a climate summit. For all of us who are very concerned about climate change and ocean acidification, this is very good news. It gives us hope that America will finally shake itself awake and move to address these serious threats to our security.

I know there is a shrinking minority out there for whom this is some kind of hoax. It's been established that 2012 was the hottest year on record. Australia is experiencing temperatures so high that new colors had to be added to maps to symbolize them. The killer drought in the U.S. continues and, as mentioned, the ocean's pH continues to drop, putting marine ecosystems at risk of collapse. If mankind were a house, we'd be knocking blocks out of the foundation right now.

Currently, I fear that the "gun fight" will sap the political will we need to address our carbon problem. I agree with the president's taking action on firearms, but as horrific as Newtown was, as much as we need to concern ourselves with our obsession with guns, to do so now is a distraction we don't need, in the face of a phenomenon that could wipe out millions.

In any case, I wish President Barack Obama all success. Given the short window of time experts have given us to turn our carbon problem around, I hope that others will move to express support for his efforts, for their sake and for the sake of future generations.




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