Why are conservative religious leaders silent on guns?

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Conspicuous by their absence in the whole debate about gun control in the wake of the Newtown massacre is the conservative religious community. Just a few months ago, prior to the election, there was no lack of political posturing by this group, as evidenced by full-page pro-Romney ads being printed in national newspapers and lawsuits being filed over government policy, such as the requirement to include contraceptive coverage in health insurance plans.

Now, after 20 innocents lost their lives to a gunman, the silence is deafening. Where is the outrage?

Every week these clerics take to the pulpit and have the perfect opportunity to mobilize their flocks to action with a few simple words: "Enough is enough." After all, as Jesus commanded his apostles the night before he became a victim to violence, "Put up again thy sword in its place, for all they that take the sword shall die by the sword."

These are words that should not be considered lip-service but a call to action to every true believer.




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