Issue One: The lottery contract

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Too much power

I wish someone would check on Gov. Tom Corbett's past thoughts on the Pennsylvania Lottery. I have this feeling that, like many Republicans, he opposed having a lottery but, now that it has been established and is flourishing, he is happy to turn it over to a private company. The company, Camelot Global Services, probably plans on making a ton of money, and that money is going to come from the pockets of Pennsylvanians. Why not keep it all at home?

What concerns me also is one man having the power to not only make such a very large deal but also to make it for 20 years or more, long after he is gone from office. The Legislature should have input into something like this. Long, hard battles to establish the lottery took place in the Legislature. Now one man sees fit to turn it over to a foreign operation. You have to question his thinking and motivation. How much money is he willing to see gambled away to pay outsiders?


It's not broken

My thought on Gov. Corbett's determination to privatize the Pennsylvania Lottery and the state liquor stores is this: I don't think he is too young to remember an old saying, "If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it."

Brighton Heights

Long odds

For as long as I can remember, it's been called the Pennsylvania Lottery, not the Corbett Lotto. Where does the governor get the power to sell the lottery when it doesn't belong to him? It belongs to the people of Pennsylvania.

Now, if the lottery doesn't benefit the seniors of this state, we might as well go back and play with the "bookies." The odds are better.


Jobs for the U.K.

In response to the Jan. 18 story "Lottery Deal Adds $50M for Aged," it is once again amusing to see the true intentions of our Republican Party. During the presidential campaign, the Republicans claimed to be the job creators. I guess Gov. Corbett, a Republican, believes that means creating jobs in the United Kingdom. Come on, now. You can't make this stuff up!

Upper St. Clair



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