Guns and drugs

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In his Jan. 6 Issue One letter "Guns vs. Drugs," Barry Brown calls us who favor gun control stupid but then asks the very people he berates for help understanding why gun laws would be more useful than failed drug laws.

Let me enlighten: First, drug laws have deterred many people from drug use. Likewise banning guns would not prevent all shootings but they would prevent many accidents and recklessly impulsive acts of otherwise law-abiding citizens. Would Sandy Hook have happened if the guns hadn't been so handy?

Second, outlawing drugs has had the effect of killing people by driving the manufacturing business underground, producing drugs of unknown quality and strength, which are used without medical directions or precautions. I doubt if there could be many clandestine gun factories.

Third, people choose to take drugs. Guns kill many innocent people.

Legalizing drugs would save many lives, as would banning guns. Obviously clear thinking does not come readily to Mr. Brown, but perhaps with some effort he can see that despite any sophistry the gun culture can invent to protect their toys, it is indisputable that if there were no guns there would be no shootings. If there were an infinite number of guns, everyone would be shot. Where on that continuum do we wish to be?




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