Unfair rates

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Why on earth does it cost $3 an hour to park in front of the Allegheny County Jail? The Dec. 29 article "Parking Meter Rates to Rise in 9 City Neighborhoods" indicated that it costs 50 cents to park in Carrick and $1.25 to park in the West End.

How many poor families do you think seek to visit people in jail? And let us remember that those in jail tend to be those who are accused only and are awaiting trial, so I don't want to hear about how criminals deserve hardship. How many children are confused about the sudden absence of Dad? How many wrongfully accused have we freed from confinement after discovering our errors?

These are human beings, and their loved ones are trying to visit them. As an attorney, I have enough money to pay this unwarranted rip-off by the city, but many cannot. I call upon city council to correct this unfair imposition upon the families.




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