Don't expect apologies from the Pens or others

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No offense to letter writer James T. Devaney, but he is clearly playing short-handed if he truly believes the NHL -- or its players -- care one bit whatsoever about regaining anyone's "trust and loyalty" ("NHL, Spread Some Cash to Affected Businesses," Jan. 10). And why would they? The fact of the matter is they don't have to.

Anyone who has spent any appreciable amount of time in Pittsburgh knows that this city's thirst for Penguins hockey -- and Steelers football -- is unquenchable. Ask an outsider what a Pittsburgher is more passionate about -- Penguins hockey or their child's education (feel free to substitute property reassessments, drink tax, crumbling infrastructure, Port Authority gross mismanagement or a host of other more important topics) -- and they may need to deliberate for a few minutes before answering.

Lockout or not, you can rest assured that when the first puck drops, all seats will be filled and all taps will be flowing. Sheepishly and willingly done by all -- albeit most likely at a higher price -- just as in 1992, 1994-1995 and 2004-2005. The only question to ask is, "How long until you do it all over again?"




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