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Many people have written to this newspaper over the years complaining about the Rob Rogers cartoons that disparage the Catholic Church. And it is indeed sad that he continues to produce his snide little drawings that attack the greatest educator and charitable organization in the history of the world.

It seems that he doesn't understand that he is really a beneficiary of the church's countless contributions to mankind, just as we all are.

For example, much of the progress in fields like science and medicine is due to the teaching and research conducted in thousands of Catholic hospitals and universities around the world.

In fact, most people are probably the products of Catholic schools, since we've all had teachers and professors who were taught in those schools, just like many of their teachers and professors were -- going back for centuries.

It is safe to say that if Mr. Rogers really had much knowledge, insight and integrity, he would put down the poison pen and express his heartfelt gratitude and apologies without hesitation.

Mt. Lebanon



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