Rothfus failed miserably in a vote that mattered

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U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus in his first nonceremonial vote, HR 41, voted with the nays on increasing the borrowing authority of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay flood insurance claims for victims of Hurricane Sandy ("Congress Passes $9.7 Billion in Sandy Aid: Some Republicans Opposed Bill Fearing Its Effect on Deficit," Jan. 5). It is a complete lack of compassion for one's fellow man that the congressman and 66 other members of Congress are showing to the American people!

He used a tagline in an interview that his constituents sent him to Washington to cut wasteful spending. But, Mr. Rothfus, the wasteful spending will come on the back end. If we are not able to help our fellow citizens, there will be more foreclosures, employment assistance needed, etc.

This was an opportunity for the congressman to step away from the campaign and do something that helps the people of the country. The congressman first and foremost takes an oath to the Constitution and should think of the people of the United States first. I think it would be telling if the Pittsburgh region faced another natural disaster. Would the congressman be willing to vote for relief then?

The point, Mr. Congressman, is people are sick of politics not because it is nasty, but because our elected officials do not have empathy for their fellow man. I hope you do not sleep at night and that you think of the people who are without a home, who do not have power and who are living paycheck to paycheck in the hope of some assistance.

I know you are sleeping fine, because you finally became a U.S. House of Representatives member. It is not what you get in life, but rather what you do with it that counts!

Brighton Heights



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