Corbett's NCAA lawsuit appears to be more GOP political deceit

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Gov. Tom Corbett kicked off his re-election campaign with a press conference announcing a publicly financed, federal lawsuit protesting the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. These are sanctions he was for, before he was against them. Sound familiar? The same motive applies -- political expediency -- to his and the Republican-controlled Legislature's ongoing practice of using public office to promote their party's political agenda.

The rationale he presents, that of protecting business interests, directly correlating to increased jobs and state income, smells of the same deceit as the Republicans' defense of voter ID; demolishing abortion care/rights through rigid facility guidelines; strangling public education; or canceling local rule for environmental/zoning decisions. No matter the rationale they present, the reality is always a pure and simple matter of promoting a Republican agenda and/or holding on to political power.

As the re-election campaign further gears up, look for the governor's decisions on state liquor sales and transportation, long-deferred until a time more propitious in promoting his re-election.




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