If only guns were regulated like cars ...

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My initial reaction to the Jan. 5 letter from Robert Bauer of South Park was anger at hearing this same false-equivalence argument constantly advanced by the NRA and their loyal mouthpieces. I have always considered equating cars and guns both absurd and deceitful.

But this time I thought twice about it and, by golly, it started looking better by the minute.

Yes, Mr. Bauer, let's start treating cars and guns equally. Let's require gun-ed classes in school for those seeking to pack heat. Let's issue learner's permits before granting a full state-issued license. Let's require a field test first before granting that license. Let's require all owners to carry the requisite papers. Let's require safety inspections of each owner's guns every year. Let's pass laws requiring all gun owners to carry gun insurance. Let's pass stiff laws against packing heat while intoxicated or impaired. Let's revoke licenses when these laws are violated.

It's funny, but in their effort to be smart-alecky and too cute by half, the NRA and their mouthpieces may have come up with the best new idea for gun control I have ever heard!




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