Icy streets

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I am a disabled city of Pittsburgh resident and I have a complaint. On Jan. 4, I fell on some ice near my home on the North Side. I understand it is winter time and ice and snow are things we deal with here.

My issue is the fact that we haven't had any substantial snow for over a week now and yet the crosswalks are still polluted with ice and old snow piled up and treacherous to those of us who have difficulty enough getting around.

I called the mayor's complaint number 311 service and stressed my complaint following my tumble and was told by an operator, "We will see what we can do about getting it cleaned up." The person then hung up.

First off, The majority of the sidewalks are clear; the problem is along the curbs in the streets and at the critical places such as wheelchair ramps at crosswalks.

If we park our cars on specified days (street cleaning days) we get ticketed for being there because the city is unable to "clean" the streets (which in my opinion is done terribly). So tell me why this snow is still lying dormant turning to ice and nothing is being done about it?

Maybe our mayor needs to walk around and see what the workers aren't doing and then somehow the work will get done. I'm fed up with city winters and the lack of workers doing the job they get paid to do.

North Side



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