To thwart a big-time killer, go after cars

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Well, well, well. Here we go again, but this is really no surprise. We see the likes of the blinded gun control crusaders, with bags over their heads, coming out of their dark little shells.

After reading the Dec. 24 letters from Ken Perkins of Squirrel Hill ("For a Safer Nation") and Mary Reihing of Westwood ("Epidemic Violence"), it is obvious they -- as well as the other anti-gun crusaders out there -- need more enlightenment.

Ms. Reihing speaks of "killing machines" in her letter, and Mr. Perkins speaks of cars. Now there is a good combination if there ever was one. The automobile is the biggest killing machine of all time -- a lot more so than guns. Why are people not outraged about automobiles, which kill thousands and thousands of innocent children, teachers, mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc., every year in this nation?.

How about drunken drivers? Let's look at the mental condition of people who drink and drive and compare this to the mental condition of people who kill with knives, bombs and guns. Maybe automobiles should be more regulated!

To the anti-gun crusaders: We need to address the real big killing machines. If you must get involved, do it right and close down the auto industry and get these killing machines off the road now if you want to save thousands of lives.

I hope you anti-gun crusaders are bright enough to get the comparison. It's not the automobile that kills; it's the person behind the wheel.

The only letter the Post-Gazette has printed in the last couple of weeks that made any sense was the one from Larry Nowakowski of Ross ("Misplaced Blame," Dec. 30).

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