Reality of the absurd

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If the National Rifle Association has its way, in say 20 years, will this happen?

Guard: "Sorry, sir, you cannot get into the stadium without a gun."

Hopeful fan: "But I left it on the dresser at home."

Guard: "Sorry, you know the rules."

Sixth-grader: "Mom, I get tired of carrying a gun to school."

Mom: "Too bad, you know you have to. The only way you can go to school without a gun is to live in another country. By the way, how did it turn out when Mary Jo shot Jacob?"

Son: "Oh, she just got his ear. He kept bothering her and she got tired of it."

Mom: "Maybe he learned his lesson."

Mall cop: "Ma'am may I see your weapon? I can't let you in the department store without one."

Customer: "I have it right here."

Mall cop: "That's good. It's for your own protection, you know. We just had a clerk shot when a customer laid her gun on the counter to find her credit card. Things like this happen, but it is still better to be armed."

This all sounds so ridiculous, but is it? If we are not careful, the word "control" will certainly be a misnomer in years to come.




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