Rep. Murphy fails to address access to weaponry

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Regarding U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy and gun violence: In the Forum section of the Sunday Post-Gazette (Dec. 30) we heard Mr. Murphy's extensive views on mental illness and a woman's experience with her mentally ill son ("Let Newtown Inspire Action"). Mr. Murphy was there to help ("What would have happened to Linda's family if she hadn't connected with me?") to get her son into treatment. There was no mention of the threat of weapons in Linda's experience but not so in Newtown, Conn.

No doubt mental illness played a major role in Newtown, but we do not know yet in what form and with whom since his mother now sounds like she too may have had mental health issues. What is clear about Newtown, however, is that a very major factor in the event was access to devastating weaponry capable of snuffing out the lives of 20 youngsters and six adults attempting to protect them in a matter of seconds.

Without access to the weaponry used in this very tragic event it would not have occurred and the principals involved may have received the treatment that Mr. Murphy is advocating. It would have been a very Merry Christmas in Newtown.

My question to Mr. Murphy is what is your position on gun control and access to deadly weaponry?

Upper St. Clair



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