Uncaring Congress

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I hope that middle-class voters have been paying good attention as House Speaker John Boehner and his money-hungry elephants have prepared to drive the bus off the fiscal cliff. How sad it is that GOP lawmakers in the negotiations have been so hellbent on helping their rich friends. Republican lawmakers have been willing to see taxes rise on working families, the elimination of unemployment benefits and whatever else they can get their greedy trunks on, except any of their luscious taxpayer-paid "entitlements."

While they have been playing their stupid political games of chicken with the fiscal cliff, they also have ignored until now the Farm Bill expiration, creating the threat that consumers would pay $8 for a gallon of milk and skyrocketing prices of every dairy product.

It is amazing how many Americans blame President Barack Obama for the huge deficit and forget that the debt was $10.6 trillion when George W. Bush left office with huge annual budget deficits. Mr. Bush entered office with a budget surplus.

Maybe if we were AR-15s instead of working people they would care more about us.




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