No to more guns

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After having numerous conversations with people on all sides of the gun debate over the last couple of weeks, I cannot figure out why there even is a debate. The National Rifle Association's solution to gun violence is to have more guns, but we have already tried this. We are already the most heavily armed nation on the planet -- by far -- and in exchange for this, we have gotten exactly the war zone you would expect when everyone is armed to the teeth.

The U.S. murder rate (4.8 per 100,000) is the third highest among the world's 34 industrialized nations (behind Mexico and Estonia), according to United Nations data.

I don't want to carry a gun around to feel safe. I want to live in a world where if someone is going to kill me, they better mean it -- where they have to get in my face, look me in the eye and stab or bludgeon me, not shoot me impersonally from yards away. I want to live in a world where I feel safe without a gun -- a world like the United Kingdom, which has a murder rate one-quarter of what ours is (1.2 per 100,000) or Germany where it is one-sixth our murder rate (0.8).

How did they accomplish this? It is not because they are less violent. Both nations have substantially higher assault rates than the United States but still manage a lower murder rate. Why? Strict gun control. The answer is out there if we care to look for it.




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