Shameless spenders

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Not since the great scare of the Y2K threat have I heard so many theories about what is going to happen if those nasty Republicans don't agree to Barack Obama's plan for the fiscal cliff. We will have to let criminals out of jail; we will have to close schools; we will have to eliminate so many government programs (this is a bad idea?).

Here it is, plain and simple: Not much is going to happen if there is no agreement on the fiscal cliff. The government is going to raise taxes and keep spending as if it hit the lottery no matter what. But you can bet under no terms is this group of low-life, self-serving politicians going to be fiscally responsible. They will not stop spending unless we make them. That would be re-election suicide not to continue projects that are in most cases totally unnecessary.

When are the Democrats going to come up with a solution that does not include raising taxes or creating new taxes? At 65, I doubt I will live long enough to see it.




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