Unfair Fox bashing

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In the opening sentence of her Dec. 15 First Person essay ("The Holiday Spirit: There's No War on the Things That Really Matter at Christmas"), Jean Martin admits she does not watch Fox TV, but that does not deter her from making it the butt of her article. She tells us that Fox is wrong to defend Christmas against those who would strip it of its true meaning. Why? People at Fox do not understand the true meaning of Christmas, which she says is giving to the poor.

Without offering the smallest piece of evidence, she implies Fox pundits care little about those in need "near their headquarters." She regrets that she is not in a position to give more, but is somehow sure that Fox pundits could but don't. "They seem all talk," is the way this nonlistener describes them.

Ironically, while she pounds away at Fox, she says things that put her in agreement with the specifics of its position on the public celebration of Christmas: She is sad that children can't sing "Silent Night" at school, she thinks it is too bad they can't have the nativity at the courthouse, and it's silly to call a Christmas tree a holiday tree -- exactly the points those who are upset about the war on Christmas make.

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