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In response to Bernie Paga's Dec. 21 letter ("Teachers Should Be Trained to Handle Firearms"): I contend this excellent well-thought-out plan does not go far enough.

According to Mother Jones magazine (Dec. 15), there have been 62 mass murders in the United States since 1982. The FBI defines mass murder as "four or more murders occurring during a particular event with no cooling-off period between murders."

Twelve were in schools and 19 in the workplace. The other 31 were in malls, restaurants, government buildings and military bases, which also are workplaces. Using Mr. Paga's and the National Rifle Association's logic, one can only conclude that besides armed school guards, we must arm and train every worker.

Since we know that it would be cost-prohibitive to pay for armed guards in every school and every workplace, the only logical thing to do is train and arm everyone in the United States.

Beginning when you enter kindergarten, the federal government should issue everyone a handgun for his or her birthday and an AR-15 for Christmas.

This would not only increase profits for arms makers, it would satisfy the NRA. The NRA would not have to contribute to any political candidate; it could just use the money it saves to pay its executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, a larger salary.

Gov. Tom Corbett could then provide all Pennsylvania residents with all the ammo they need.

All our problems would be solved.

Forest Hills



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