Ever been shot at with an assault weapon?

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Earlier this week, state Rep. Dan Frankel said, "There will be a new assault weapons ban introduced in the state of Pennsylvania that is comprehensive, that will deal with a broad definition of assault weapons and deals with high-capacity magazines."

As a Vietnam veteran and legally registered gun owner (six-shot revolver), I totally support this bill. As one who has fired an M-16 (fully automatic AR-15) and has been shot at by an AK-47, I believe that assault weapons should only be used by police and military personnel. Just maybe if the shooter at the Sandy Hook school had only a six-shot revolver or bolt action rifle with a five-round clip, the death toll would have been much lower.

Has Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, served in the U.S. military and, if so, what, where and when? Has he ever been shot at by these weapons? Maybe if he had, his perspective would be different. Has he ever lost a loved one to these weapons?

I understand that many NRA members are military veterans and that they are entitled to their gun ownership. But the bottom line is that no one hunts (sportsman-like) with these weapons. Think about how difficult it would be to kill a deer, squirrel, black bear, etc., with a 30-round clip.

Maybe those who want to purchase these weapons should be taken to a gun range and a professional should shoot at them for 60 seconds with an assault weapon (not hit them) and see if that would change anything.

All Pennsylvania residents, please voice your support for this bill to your elected representatives.

Squirrel Hill



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