Armed safety net

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In response to the unimaginable killing of innocents in Newtown, Conn., I would like to first and foremost say, as a father and grandfather, my heart breaks for the deceased of this horrific crime. Second, I believe that the first line of defense for the safety of our children in our schools today is to have armed security officers and armed teachers.

To make this argument clear, the teachers and security officers would be discreet concerning their weapons. Furthermore, it would be solely voluntary as to which teacher would accept this most important task. The school district could send whomever stands up for this task to a gun safety class to become certified. They would become the first line of defense. The police cannot get there in time in such an event. The damage is already done by the time they would arrive.

I would be willing to bet if a parent of one of the now angels were asked if they would have been OK with this approach, the majority would have said yes. I would welcome this safety net in my own grandsons' school. It is time for our politicians to take off the blinders so that this never happens again in our schools.

Bethel Park



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