Why is the party of less government not working on a lean Legislature?

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Recently, the Republican governor and Republican president of the state Senate announced their legislative priorities for 2013. Neither mentioned the reduction in the oversized and bloated Legislature. Such is ironic since the Republican Party claims to be the party of less government spending, small government and limited government.

What makes it even more ironic is that the Republican House, Republican Senate and Republican governor expedited the passing of the voter ID Law but have avoided true reform in the size of the Legislature. It appears that they can act with haste to address a problem that never existed yet ignore changes that would benefit all citizens of the state by saving tax dollars.

Republicans need to go on the offensive and enact measures to reduce the size of the Legislature by half and pass such measures in the same amount of time it took to get the ID law enacted.

Or an alternative and possibly quicker way to reduce the overstuffed politician class in Harrisburg would be to abolish the district of any senator or representative who is convicted of a crime.




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