Spineless politicians

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I would like to respond to my congressman Tim Murphy's assertion that mental illness is the primary cause of mass shootings.

Dear Rep. Murphy, if you and other politicians on both sides were doing your jobs, one of which is to protect the citizens of this country, we would not have weapons of mass destruction on the streets. I understand that the National Rifle Association has a lot of money invested in getting you and your like-minded political cronies to cave to its every whim, but there are 20 young children dead, not because the shooter had a mental problem; that problem was his mother's for allowing him access to these weapons. But you and all the other politicians who have no spine to stand up to the NRA allow these weapons to be sold in the first place.

In closing, let me say this: The people most responsible for these beautiful children not being able to grow up and have families of their own are the cowards in our government who don't have the courage to pass sensible legislation to ban these weapons that have no purpose but to kill people.




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