Gun-control noise

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In reading all the posts about gun control since the recent shootings at Newtown, Conn., I want to say this is not the time for "Should have, would have, could have," as this is the time to mourn. I cannot imagine losing a child to a horrendous deed, but then neither could the gunman or he would not have done that.

I know the first instinct is to say get rid of all guns -- big or little or even play guns. That is not an answer to this crime. We have many laws on the books to control them. Are they being enforced? Apparently not. Look at Chicago and other crime-ridden cities. Is gun control helping the victims? I think not.

My thoughts are, yes, something must be done, but stop and gather your wits before you go off the deep end with all the noise about getting rid of guns. Look for the reason why Adam Lanza and others before him have done this. Don't immediately jump into the "get rid of guns" mentality. It does not solve the problem.

Wait and gather your reasoning and common sense on how to solve these problems. I am sure the parents of the slain children would like to see more sympathy directed to their loss than screaming about "gun control," as that is too late for them

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