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It is time that reasonable minds, not the National Rifle Association or gun control advocates, come together and craft a gun purchase policy that works. As a medical doctor and sportsman, I see a real solution.

Cast HIPAA-privacy aside; we need to interlink medical records, particularly mental health records, and police records with the gun purchase vetting process requiring a 30-to-45-day review process. Any person with a mental health history of any type, police record of any type or both would not be able to legally purchase a gun until a state-derived panel of reviewing experts (forensic psychiatrists/law enforcement/legal and regulatory) has had a chance to review and opine on such requests.

I know this isn't perfect, but it will be a start. Several of the recent tragedies may have been prevented by such a review process. I don't think the Second Amendment supports the "right to bear arms" by people who have known mental/psychiatric disabilities.




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