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Long after the Sandy Hook tragedy fades from the news media, the parents and loved ones of those murdered are faced with a lifetime of mourning and grief. The greatest fear of parents is that they will outlive their children. Now there are 26 families that must live with a loss that cannot be replaced or forgotten.

With the shooter and his mother dead, we will never know what motivated this tragedy. The glaring fact that the mother had a permit to own an assault rifle is the real cause of the tragedy. Any citizen has the right to bear arms for protection and hunting, but assault weapons have no place in any home. Only the armed forces, police and security agencies have a need to protect and defend citizens.

It is beyond comprehension and understanding why legislation has not passed to ban all assault weapons. If legislative action is not taken immediately, the Sandy Hook tragedy will be repeated.

Other than sympathy or prayers, there is little one can do for the parents and families who now suffer this tragedy. The needed legislation should be passed under the title "The Sandy Hook Act."

Franklin Park



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