Faith is alive

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I want to thank the three letter writers in the Dec. 8 edition who expressed their disgust at Rob Rogers' editorial cartoon featuring an evil-looking Pope Benedict using new technologies to spread the antiquated views of the Catholic Church. But I also want to thank Mr. Rogers and the Post-Gazette for publishing this cartoon, as it apparently hit a nerve with many of us who, though we may not wholeheartedly agree with all of our church's positions, respect the fact that it has not caved in to a value system that is apparently set by the whims of society, sitcoms and reality shows that make a mockery of love, marriage, relationships, and family. And while we haven't started riots, burned buildings or killed people as a protest to this cartoon and other ugly attacks on our beliefs, we haven't done a very good job of letting the world know we're still around.

Based on "unbiased" media reports and actual church attendance figures (in all the mainstream denominations), one would think that God, faith and religion are all but dead. But in my opinion, there are some sleeping giants out here and some enormous camels with loads that are a few straws short of breaking their backs, ready to stand up and let their voices be heard. And, to the surprise of many, a lot of those giants and camels are not all Catholics.

Keep those disgusting cartoons coming and perhaps one will finally set off that loud alarm and add that one more straw.




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