Ethics betrayed

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The decision of the Post-Gazette to publish the Dec. 6 cartoon of Pope Benedict XVI left me stunned. Rob Rogers casually insults not only what he describes as the "15th-century views" of the pope, but also by implication the 2,000-year-old moral belief system of the Catholic Church to which the pope is a servant.

The manner in which the Holy Father is rendered is demeaning and insulting. Human decency, professionalism and journalistic ethics demand at the very least a modicum of respect for the moral teachings of the church based on its understanding of Jesus, even if these views are not shared or espoused by the newspaper.

The Post-Gazette should keep in mind that the Christian community in Western Pennsylvania, Catholics and many non-Catholic Christians, profess the same moral truths characterized by Mr. Rogers as "15th-century views" and remain exemplary and contributing citizens of our region and country.

In publishing this cartoon, the Post-Gazette reaffirmed the perception that it is anti-Catholic as it allowed the beliefs of a large segment of Christians to be ridiculed and dismissed.

The writer is pastor of Ascension Roman Catholic Church in Ingram.



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