Cartoon reflects ignorance of the Catholic faith

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The Rob Rogers editorial cartoon the Post-Gazette published Dec. 6, which irreverently depicted the pope and displayed a complete misunderstanding of Catholic theology and teaching, was just another indication that Mr. Rogers and the editorial staff of the Post-Gazette have an ax to grind with the Holy Catholic Church.

You have absolutely no understanding of Catholic teaching on homosexuality: Homosexuals are welcome in the Catholic Church, but sex outside of marriage is prohibited. Marriage is a Biblical union between one man and one woman. Also, the church upholds women; it does not demean them: Have you ever heard of our devotion to the mother of our Lord, Mary? We have numerous saints who are women and numerous doctors of the church who are women. If anyone is upholding the value of women, it is the Catholic Church: We teach women not to treat themselves as sex objects or commodities.

I thought liberals preached tolerance and rejected hate? Where is your tolerance of other people's religious beliefs? Why do you allow hateful comments to be published? Obviously your tolerance and love apply only to certain groups of people, but not all.

If you think for one minute that your persecution of the church breaks a true Catholic's spirit, think again -- persecution only strengthens our faith. I prayed for the conversion of the souls of Rob Rogers and the entire PG editorial staff today: May you all have a conversion of your hearts in printing such evil and abuse.

I know this seems an impossible prayer, but nothing is impossible with God. Christ taught us to handle mockery with humility and forgiveness, and I am following his great example. I am proud of my faith and proud to be a Catholic. God bless the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. May he fogive you for your harsh mockery and lies.

Jefferson Hills



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