Low satire

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I saw to my utter dismay and disgust in the Dec. 6 edition the cartoon by Rob Rogers depicting Pope Benedict XVI in a very derogative and sarcastic way. While this paper has a long history of liberal reporting and a short conscience when it comes to moral or value issues, I never thought it would stoop this low to satirize the pope's use of technology by mocking what obviously this newspaper does not believe or for that matter what it indirectly wants to support.

"Fifteenth century views on marriage, women and contraception"? Really! What about the surge in abortions, divorces, crime, etc.? Need I go on? Come on, Post-Gazette, you have no business making these openly biased statements. Christian-centric values are not judged by time and the particular secular persuasion of the day but rather by what is embedded into ones' conscience based on truth. Morality. You know, the forgotten way to live!

Now let's see something here: This newspaper would be the first to stand up and affirm the "separation of church and state." Just imagine if it were the pope who took a position on an issue that this newspaper supported. Well, first of all the church wouldn't and more importantly neither should this paper.




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