The governor must move to fund transportation

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The Post-Gazette's Nov. 30 article "Corbett Promises Transportation Funding Proposal Soon" is the first indication we have had that the governor may move on the recommendations of the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission. The commission's report was delivered in August of 2011.

Now that the governor has expressed a willingness to look at Pennsylvania's transportation funding crisis, we urge him to move swiftly and decisively. The safety of the commonwealth's citizenry and our ability to compete in the area of economic development has been in jeopardy for too long.

The commission put forward a strong set of proposals combining sources of stable and consistent funding, streamlined operations and efficiency improvements, and new tools such as public/private partnerships to help improve transportation systems across the state. The panel's recommended $2.7 billion per year funding level will go a long way to ensure that the state's transportation systems are properly maintained and improved. This investment will drive job creation and economic activity over the long term. After they are planned, designed, and constructed -- employing thousands of workers -- they will help facilitate economic expansion and provide a return on investment for decades into the future. The commission's support of public transit funding is particularly critical because the economies of our two largest metro areas, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, depend on robust transit service.

NAIOP Pittsburgh, a regional trade association of developers, owners, investors and professionals of commercial real estate, applauds the governor for recognizing the urgency of the transportation and transit crisis in the state. We look forward to reviewing a comprehensive slate of remedies in the near future.

NAIOP Pittsburgh



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