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Ruth Ann Dailey's column (Nov. 26) says "Obamacare: Unhealthy For Part-Time Workers." She dismisses employer-provided health care as a way to "disguise-and distort -wages." I see it as a statement made over 60 years ago by owners and employers that they valued their employees as a necessary part of a company's success. Something like pensions.

Employers are now reneging on that long-time agreement as too expensive. Profits have never been higher. Top management gets unholy salaries and bonuses whether the company is successful or not. Never any question if bosses "deserve" health care.

I am very willing to remove the U.S. health care system from the employer-provided model. Lose your job, lose your health care. Cut your hours, cut your health care. Will these employers promise to pay a living wage so employees can enter the open market? Will they give them time off to do the necessary research? Wait, isn't that what unions did before they were decimated?

The U.S. for-profit, illness-driven system does not work. I am very surprised and disappointed Ms. Dailey is not aware of the many people who work over 40 hours a week and do not receive health care or enough money to buy it.

Ms. Dailey and her self-described "conservatives" have had many years and many opportunities to fix this abominable provider approach and did not. Obamacare is not flawless but it is a start in the right direction.

Bethel Park



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