A better memorial to Maddox

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Regarding "Fitting Memorial," the Dec. 1 letter that proposed permanently closing the African painted-dog exhibit: Zoos are for collections of "wild" animals; they are places where, otherwise, people would never get to see or acknowledge the animals' existence. What happened there to little Maddox is a horrendous and heart-breaking thing; however, once again, these dogs are wild and it's not their fault they have been captured and put on display.

My heart goes out to all of Maddox's family and to the nightmares they must suffer with each day. The letter writer's suggestion of using this ground as a setting, or a memorial, for everyone to come and look at and remember horror does not sit right with my idea of a fond remembrance. Why not a little plot of ground with lovely flowers and a sign that says "in loving memory of a little boy who loved the zoo."

The sacred ground spoken of in the letter is "home" to these animals who did not ask for this to happen. I'm sure there are thousands of sacred places where terrible accidents have happened, but to me, remembrance in the heart is best.

Penn Hills



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