Politics and religion

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In response to a Nov. 18 letter from Scott Matthews regarding Bishop Zubik's "war." He states that Bishop Zubik, and other prominent U.S. bishops, campaigned for the GOP, as they led the opposition to the "war on religious freedom."

I have never attended any Catholic Mass where any clergy campaigned for a particular party. However, to expect them to remain silent when the current administration had made a direct assault on specific doctrines of our faith is totally unrealistic. Telling Catholic institutions to make birth control and abortion inducing drugs available to anyone, is like telling Jews they have to eat pork.

Mr. Matthews, (like the many Catholics who voted for Barack Obama) is what Bishop Vincent Leonard, former bishop of Pittsburgh, called a "cafeteria Catholic." They pick and choose what doctrines they will accept. Mr. Matthews suggests that the church should change and modernize. One of the most confounding aspects of the Catholic religion for those who object to it is the church's steadfast adherence to age-old principles of truth and faith. There is no way modernity should alter morality.

Upper St. Clair



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