Compassionate faith

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As a Catholic active in his faith, I take exception to Father Sean Francis's diatribe regarding Catholics who voted for President Obama's reelection ("Voting and Sin," Nov. 28).

He says 57 percent of "Catholics who are active in their faith" voted for the Romney/Ryan ticket. He doesn't say how he arrived at this percentage; in any case, this means that 43 percent of "Catholics who are active in their faith" did not vote for the right-wing, scorched-earth policies of the Romney/Ryan ticket.

In St. Matthew's gospel, Jesus says judge not lest you be judged

As a priest, Father Francis's role is to hear a person's confession and grant absolution or not as he sees fit. His role is not to judge; that is God's alone. Is he also condemning the nuns on a bus who supported the president's re-election?

I will take my chances in eternity with a compassionate God -- not the vengeful Old Testament God of Father Francis.

Ross Twp.



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