Dragging us down

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I would like to add my comments along with others like Colleen Hroncich ("This Election Has Me Fearing for the Future," Nov. 9 letters) who have expressed their concerns for our country's future after this last presidential election.

As noted by Ms. Hroncich, how could any voting American re-elect a president whose policies have led our country into a far worse position than we were in before his first four-year term? Consider trillion-dollar deficits that will be left for our children and grandchildren to pay, along with dragging our society down to Third World levels by apologizing, not promoting, America, after all our country has done to make this a livable world over the past century. This includes bowing to kings along with the insidious promotion of racial demagoguery as attempted by the president's public appeal to African-Americans to vote for him and his party -- and it doesn't stop with that. His pandering to those who want to dilute the populace through immigration and gender concerns is outrageous.

Why would the Democratic voters think Republicans in responsible positions are the only millionaires and causing all the problems we face? What do they think Democrats are, paupers? How do they think Mr. Obama, the community organizer, got where he is today? Some big-monied people paid his way to push their agenda of turning this country into a socialist utopia.

We need change in our government and not the change and hope theme used during the present administration's rise in power. We need to get away from politics as a career. It was never intended to be a lifelong avocation.

I say get rid of these career politicians and tell their successors to enact term limits. The president has term limits, so why not Congress? These people make me sick.




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