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Regarding the letter from Jack Ochs ("The Trust Deficit," Nov. 19): Mr. Ochs writes, "Americans no longer trust their elected officials" and "members of Congress, without the facts, accuse our ambassador to the United Nations of lying."

To exactly which "facts" is Mr. Ochs referring? To the fact that within hours of the slaughter of our ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the CIA had labeled it a pre-planned terrorist attack? To the fact that weeks later the president was still blaming a 13-minute video as the cause of the attack, with the premise that Muslims had their tender feelings hurt and were offended by our free speech? In some asinine attempt at political correctness? And that the attack contradicted the Obama administration's narrative that al-Qaida was beaten and on its last legs?

Finally, Mr. Ochs, it is a "fact" that Congress has a constitutionally mandated duty to watch the executive branch for abuses. That's what the Founders designed Congress to do -- uncover facts and prevent the concentration of or abuse of power, such as telling the American people concocted stories with no basis in fact two months from an election!




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