Seniors and stress

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David Templeton's excellent article in the PG on stress and health ("How Your Inability to Handle the 'Minor Hassles of Life' on a Daily Basis Affects Your Health," Nov. 19) has particular relevance to Pittsburgh's seniors. This is because many older adults face major stresses in their daily lives, ranging from loss of loved ones to disabilities, pain and troubles with concentration and memory occasioned by the burden of chronic illnesses.

As Mr. Templeton's article points out, the downstream effects of stresses can erode health and threaten quality, and quantity, of life. The good news, though, is that the risks of stress to health may be able to be managed through better coping strategies, better sleep and healthy choices, including exercise.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are pursuing National Institutes of Health-sponsored studies (the "iMANAGE" studies) that teach seniors better ways of dealing with stresses, to promote brain health and to protect independence. Interested readers may contact us at 412-246-6006, or visit our website ( for more information.


The writer is an investigator with the iMANAGE studies.



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