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Attention, all winners and losers of this "below the belt" campaign season: You have made your constituents upset with all the rotten ads, phone calls and mailings. A word to the wise for the winners. It is time to get this country out of debt and settle the many problems we face. It is time for "Big Brother" to let us think for ourselves. We don't need the government telling us how and what to eat or how to run our lives. We can take care of that part; now you in return get to work.

Just remember who pays your salary -- now work for them. Being elected doesn't give you the right to think it will be a lifetime job. It is not supposed to take care of you and yours from the womb to the tomb. You have to cross the aisle and take care of this country.

In the future, please read all bills before you pass them. No more of this, "Oh, we pass it and then see what it was all about." That is no way to run a government. This way of doing business hurts us more than helps us.

All we want is for America to be the great place it used to be. Bring back our status in the world. Find a way to put people back to work and fulfill the American Dream everyone talks about but which is hard to obtain today. Now on to the task at hand.

Bethel Park



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