Fixing America

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The election was symptomatic of the severely dysfunctional culture we have allowed to evolve in our country. While some people are ready to write America's obituary, I am not. The problem and the solution, as I see it, is quite simply human nature. Here's why.

There are three constants within human nature:

1. Human beings make decisions based on meeting their self-serving agendas.

2. All evidence is self-serving to the beliefs of the person interpreting it.

3. "Stupid is as stupid does" (and says!). -- Forrest Gump

Driving human nature are the five Ps: principles must guide your purpose. In leading others, you must have power. In using power, you must engage in some politics to build a cooperative team. If you do this, in this order, the profit will come. It is when principles take a back seat to politics, power and profit that an individual, group or country will eventually lose its soul.

In what order have our "leaders" ranked these? How about you? If we allow principles to guide our individual and collective humanity, we will fix this great country of ours. If not, God help us.




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