Rich Romney was a poor candidate

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In the weeks since the election, I have read many articles on why the Republicans lost, and one item was accepted by all: the problem was not the candidate.

I take exception. The Republicans did not put forth a solid, reliable, likable candidate. All the other rationales undoubtedly contributed to the loss in the presidential campaign, but the main reason Mitt Romney lost was because he was not a good candidate.

Just to point out a few problems, in no particular order:

• He is too rich, arrogant and condescending.

• He is out of touch with the middle class and could find no way to relate.

• He is too aggressive.

• He was disrespectful to the president and to women.

• He flip-flopped on virtually every issue, political as well as social.

• He too often spoke without thinking of the consequences and without having all the facts.

• He selected his top advisers unwisely.

• He did not have specific programs in mind to cure the country's problems -- or he could not or would not articulate them.

• He refused to make his tax returns public.

• He is Mormon, a religion not yet universally understood or accepted by Americans.

• He was not popular with world leaders.

• He is not "presidential."

The Republican Party has to make many changes if it intends to win the 2016 presidential election, including putting forth a "good" candidate.

Brighton Heights



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