The Founding Fathers debated then compromised

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Having endured a campaign of blather, lies and infuriating robocalls, what have we got to show for it all? The same line-up of insipid lightweights who contributed so greatly to the weakening of America, that's what.

Had our current political leaders (?) been around in 1787, not one would have been qualified to scrape the pigeon droppings off the steps of Independence Hall, while inside the Founding Fathers assembled to draft the blueprint for our nation's future. Employing common sense, pragmatic intellect and statesmanship, Messrs. Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Paine, et al. argued over federalism versus states' rights and debated the appropriate roles for the chief executive, the legislature and the judiciary. They pontificated, cajoled and criticized, and in the end, what did they do? They compromised on their individual principles and produced a Constitution with a near perfect combination of foresight, vision and adaptability.

Try to imagine such an outcome from the likes of Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and company. Laughable! Their mantra of "I will not compromise on my principles" as they posture for the cameras reveals their collective "pinheadedness." Congress is a deliberative body. If its member are not going to compromise, then they are in the wrong place.

Let's hope the incumbent and newly elected members of Congress make me eat my cynical words by showing that they are less obtuse and egocentric than I think they are, but if they wait until year-end to slap yet another temporary patch on this fiscal mess they have created, they will have failed us again.

Stop posturing, Washington, and get something done.




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