Issue One / President Obama's re-election

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Pushing socialism

The main concern with President Barack Obama's re-election is his push toward a socialistic society, which will become even more escalated in his final term in office. All of his policies are geared toward making people more dependent on the government (Obamacare, welfare, unemployment compensation, Social Security, Medicare, bailouts, stimulus packages, etc.), which moves us closer to a Marxist "classless society."

Based on the teachings of two of Mr. Obama's socialist college professors at Columbia, crippling our economy by excess spending and borrowing is the first step and that was put in play in his first term. Now, in his second term, playing Robin Hood and taxing the rich to give to the poor is a well-thought-out plan toward government dependence and a single class of citizens.

It has often been said that the demise of the United States of America will never come as a result of an attack from a foreign power but rather internally by its own people. You just witnessed this on Nov. 6. The majority of the American voters (whether they know it or not) now believe that socialism is a better form of government than our highly successful, capitalistic democratic republic, which was the building block of the greatest nation in the world.

Move over, Europe, we are right behind you.

South Park

The system works

Why is there still so much negative attention looming over the re-election of President Obama? We should understand that, with a government for and by the people, we are in fact the government. As a republic we have created laws and structure based on ethical principles that overlap many philosophies and ancient teachings. This is the reason the system works.

Our presidents take the reins for four years at a stride. Now, think about your own employment. How much can you accomplish in merely four years? Could you deal with all levels of government; lead military endeavors; protect 314.7 million Americans; instigate, consider and sign hundreds of bills crossing your desk; balance the budget and create understanding with world leaders while looking good delivering televised speeches? If you can answer yes to this question, please throw your hat into the ring for the next presidential election.

I can't imagine why anyone would want this job. We should all take our hats off to anyone who pledges to serve the public and is elected by we the people.




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