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I agree 1,000 percent with Mark Braughler's Nov. 10 letter "Truth in Advertising." This was an extremely long campaign season, made even longer by the plethora of political ads, many of which were negative, and even more outright untrue. I resisted the urge to lob a brick through the TV screen every time an ad came on and, instead, grabbed the remote and hit "mute" -- except for only one political ad:

The "Bring a Parent to School Day" sign is accompanied by a Charlie Brown-type theme. A young man (presumed to be the candidate's son) introduces his father, Eugene DePasquale. In probably not more than a 30-second spot, Mr. DePasquale presents only a few sentences about why he is running for Pennsylvania auditor general before he acquiesces to a female student who would "like to see the fireman" (in the background).

Not only did Mr. DePasquale's ad not vilify his opponent, he never mentioned his opponent by name, nor was it clear with which political party he was affiliated. I immediately decided that I would be voting for Mr. DePasquale, even if it meant splitting my ticket.

Turns out he won, to which I say: Bravo! Other candidates can learn a valuable lesson from this, but only if they're willing to shed super PACs and allow voters to hear their messages before automatically hitting "mute."




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