A shocking result

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In response to "This Election Has Me Fearing for the Future" by Colleen Hroncich (Nov. 9), I couldn't agree more with Ms. Hroncich. I too am shocked at the outcome of the election.

Often I have the opportunity to listen to talk radio and I am amazed at many of the comments by callers. A huge majority of them seem to be uninformed on the issues and all too frequently they can't give concrete reasons why they were voting for Mr. Obama. And to think they are voting!

Mitt Romney is a successful businessman and governor, and he had a plan for our country. However, the mainstream media are too biased to tell the full story of what Mr. Romney's plans were on each issue, often omitting key facts. Mr. Obama has been given a free pass in so many areas, most recently the Libya issue. Too bad Mr. Romney didn't call him on it during the last debate.

Yes, Barack Obama has won a second term as president, or perhaps I should say he won a popularity contest.

Turtle Creek



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