Millionaire difference

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Regarding the Nov. 4 letter by Terence Sanctis (" 'Millionaire' Reference Is Shameful Class Warfare"), about the PG's editorial endorsing Sen. Bob Casey over challenger Tom Smith: He states, "... you also insult many of your subscribers, and there are many who are millionaires ... ."

I wonder if we don't have differing understandings as to who is a "millionaire."

Mr. Sanctis opines it is those who have "saved money, paid taxes ... and accumulated assets." Sure, there are lots of us who have accumulated enough to have over a million in net worth -- but the "millionaires" who are in the so-called "top 1 percent" are those who earn millions each year. That is a far smaller number! I believe the PG was referring to these "millionaires," one of whom is Tom Smith.




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