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Your Nov. 7 editorial "The Zoo Tragedy: Other Hazards Must Be Identified and Addressed" couldn't have been better stated. I'm sure many compassionate people agree with me. Shame on all people who are so ready to judge. Where did our loving, compassionate hearts go?

We seem to have more compassion for animals. That's not right. Yes, they are innocent, but so are children and they are much more valuable. One newspaper mentioned that the African painted dog is endangered. So was Maddox. Did anyone notice when his picture was shown he was wearing glasses? I have a semi-blind niece who needs to be picked up and directed to view things better. I have a grandchild who would scale a fence in 30 seconds.

Servicemen are trained over and over again on how to react to a threatening situation. It is natural to panic and freeze. No one is at fault for not saving Maddox.

Let's work on loving, forgiving and giving more value to human life. I also agree that the zoo could have grieved longer for this precious human life. My condolences to the Derkosh family. My thoughts, prayers and tears will be with you always.




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